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No judging allowed - name your favourite film

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WhiskyTangoAlphaFoxtrot · 27/03/2016 17:50

Mine is Airforce One - I absolutely adore it Grin

I feel all patriotic, want to pledge allegiance to the flag (I am not American) and cheer throughout.

It helps that Harrison Ford was my teenage crush, I suppose.

OP posts:
TheodoreEvelynMoseby · 27/03/2016 20:12

Drop dead Fred

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 27/03/2016 20:15

The Others or Pet Semetary

bigTillyMint · 27/03/2016 20:16

I couldn't pick just one.
The Railway Children
The Sound of Music
The Great Escape
Pretty Woman
Goodnight Mr Chips (Robert Donat one)
Gregory Girl
Brooklyn... I could go on and on.

bertsdinner · 27/03/2016 20:16

Starwars, the original one. Not over keen on the new ones.
Lord if the Rings, second one
Love Grease and Dirty Dancing

frankie001 · 27/03/2016 20:18

Jurassic park. When it came out was amazed by the graphics and was the first film that if you hadn't seen there was nothing to talk about at school.

gamerchick · 27/03/2016 20:19

Devils rejects and I.D

GetSchwifty · 27/03/2016 20:20

Catch me if you can
Steel magnolias
Beauty and the beast

hollyisalovelyname · 27/03/2016 20:21

Demented I love Witness too.
I never watch a movie more than once except for The Sound Of Music. I saw that about 5 times when I was a child.
The Wind That Shakes The Barley is powerful.

MintyChapstick · 27/03/2016 20:22

Dirty Dancing
Muriel's Wedding
The Shawshank Redemption
My Fair Lady
The Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music

Clawdy · 27/03/2016 20:23

East of Eden.

MooningIntoTheAbyss · 27/03/2016 20:23

I am Sam

Absolutely adore that film. Has me in tears as I identify with most of the characters!

Crusoe · 27/03/2016 20:25

The Great Escape
Shawshank Redemption
Steel Magnolias

SagaAndMartinsLiftConvos · 27/03/2016 20:26

LA Confidential

I can never hate Russell Crowe, even though he is allegedly quite the pillock, because he was in my two favourite films and broke my heart in both.

Thelma and Louise
This Is Spinal Tap
Blade Runner
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hourchange · 27/03/2016 20:27

Blade runner

Dontbugmemalone · 27/03/2016 20:30

10 Things I Hate About You.
It's a brilliant soundtrack but I did feel sad watching it recently because of Heath.

Lostmyemailaddress · 27/03/2016 20:30

The crow
Lord of the rings and hobbit trilogies
Les miserables the 10th anniversary version though the film is ok
And the little mermaid

Cocolepew · 27/03/2016 20:31

Some Like It Hot
Dr Zhivago
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
The Imitation of Life
Pillow Talk and most of the other Doris Day films.
Mad Max Fury Road, I love it.

iwillbemrsminty · 27/03/2016 20:31

Top Gun! LOVE it!!! And Maverick Grin

Backingvocals · 27/03/2016 20:32

The Color Purple for me. Total sob fest and I love Whoopi Goldberg and the soundtrack is fab.

dogsnotsprogs · 27/03/2016 20:32

The Strangers
Mississippi Burning

I do prefer a good series or documentary thoughSmile

dogsnotsprogs · 27/03/2016 20:34

Ooh actually...

Drop Dead Fred
Mamma Mia

MashesToPashes · 27/03/2016 20:34

Local Hero

Heaven in film form.

Stratter5 · 27/03/2016 20:35

Or Hatlrry Potter. Don't make me choose which one.

WavingFlag · 27/03/2016 20:40


vienna1981 · 27/03/2016 20:42

Gregory's Girl.

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