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No judging allowed - name your favourite film

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WhiskyTangoAlphaFoxtrot · 27/03/2016 17:50

Mine is Airforce One - I absolutely adore it Grin

I feel all patriotic, want to pledge allegiance to the flag (I am not American) and cheer throughout.

It helps that Harrison Ford was my teenage crush, I suppose.

OP posts:
adrianabelshaw · 24/06/2016 10:18

I love Meet Joe Black, I think its absolutely beautiful!

pippinandtog · 29/06/2016 09:57

Got to be Jaws.

phoebe69b · 29/06/2016 16:23

The tourist

lljkk · 29/06/2016 17:13

When I was a kid it would have been Star Wars Episode 4.

As an adult I can't really choose from others. The Big Short or Me, Earl and the Dying Girl among items in last yr.

CanadaMoose · 04/07/2016 00:40

When Harry Met Sally
White Christmas

NorthFlameglitter · 04/07/2016 00:45

The Time Traveller's Wife

MumOnACornishFarm · 04/07/2016 00:51

Some brilliant choices on here! I cannot possibly choose only one, that's just cruel OP.

Rear Window
Some Like It Hot
The Wizard of Oz
Snow White/Fantasia can't decide between the two.
Band of Brothers, even though it's not a film, but is still the best bit of war cinematography ever.

drigon · 04/07/2016 01:14

I always enjoy The Graduate, Jungle Book, Forest Gump, Love Actually, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Frankie and Johnny, Day of the Jackal, The Girl who lives down the lane.

mathanxiety · 04/07/2016 01:18

Apollo 13
The Third Man
Hannah and her Sisters and also The Front, despite both involving Woody Allen

I also love many of the films listed here.

Pinkkahori · 04/07/2016 01:31

The Way We Were.
When Harry met Sally
Princess bride

Newbienew · 04/07/2016 22:34

It's a wonderful life,
The goonies , and
Lost Boys
You know a good film when you can watch it again and again

Newbienew · 04/07/2016 22:38

Oh and pulp fiction....better after you've watched it the second time.

JustAOneOffToday · 04/07/2016 22:50



Ok, Gladiator. Just in case anyone doesn't know the scene!

BabooshkaKate · 04/07/2016 23:00

Chicken Run

23jumpstreet · 04/07/2016 23:14

Over board, goldie hown.

23jumpstreet · 04/07/2016 23:14


fattyfattytoadgirl · 05/07/2016 22:25

Annie Hall
Master & Commander
Legally Blonde
I'm No Angel (Mae West)

CherryLip · 06/07/2016 14:17

Out of Africa.

adrianabelshaw · 06/07/2016 15:22

Some Like It Hot

redannie118 · 06/07/2016 15:41

Aliens-the second film in the alien saga. Ripley is the ultimate action hero,I totally wanted to be her when I grew up (and still do !!)

EnthusiasmDisturbed · 06/07/2016 20:40

When Harry Met Sally
Some Like It Hot

DarkAngel1984 · 12/07/2016 23:16

What dreams may come
Pay it forward

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