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The Witch, don't waste your money

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Bloodybridget · 19/03/2016 12:16

I thought it sounded interesting but it was the most utter nonsense. Anyone else seen and agrees or disagrees?

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BitOfFun · 19/03/2016 15:46

It's on my list to see- what didn't you like about it?

pinocchiosnose · 19/03/2016 15:49

I sort of agree. I read reviews saying how tense it was the whole way through and how terrifying it was . I did not feel this at all . For me they didn't focus enough on the witch and it seemed to me more about the family dynamics . I think black Philip could have played more of a part as well . The twins did amuse me though

Bloodybridget · 19/03/2016 17:15

BitofFun for me, it started kind of dull, and then started to get silly, and just became more and more ridiculous. Other people in the cinema were laughing too! I don't usually watch "horror" films, and maybe I'd find most of them silly. This one certainly made me jump a few times, but as it got gorier and the body count increased, I lost patience. At the end it said it was based on folk tales and historical accounts, but I feel they could have made a much deeper and more interesting narrative.

Pinocchio, yes I agree the twins were good.

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southeastastra · 10/04/2016 23:27

lordy dull? really? i though it was one of the better films i've seen in a long while. maybe you were expecting something more simple.

think this film is aimed at the more intelligent viewer

Bloodybridget · 12/04/2016 08:34

I dare say, southeastastra. Will stick to Disney in future.

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