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Monsters Inc

3 replies

ballbaby · 29/12/2006 13:07

Love this film - did anyone see it on Christmas day?

OP posts:
tiredemma · 29/12/2006 13:09

had it on dvd for ages, we all love it.

Love Boo, she is lovely, a mnetter on here has got a daughter the spitting image of Boo, ( cant remember which mnetter though)

Have you seen 'Over the Hedge?' - Hilarious.

ballbaby · 29/12/2006 13:11

no but have it on DVD (sorry I mean ds1 has it on DVD). WIll look forward to it.

OP posts:
daisy1999 · 29/12/2006 13:39

fab film (monsters inc)

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