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Night at the Museum......any good?

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collision · 28/12/2006 09:17

We are contemplating the cinema today and wondered if anyone had seen this film?

Is it suitable for a 4.5 year old?

I think Flushed Away will be better for us.

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collision · 28/12/2006 09:50


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mincepiepud · 28/12/2006 10:08

Hi collision, haven't seen it I'm afraid but I know my 10 yr old nephew thought it was the best film he'd ever seen .

What about Happy Feet?

allnearlyoverforanotheryear · 28/12/2006 12:53

That's funny, collision, we have done the same thing, and are going to see Flushed Away. My DS aged 7 didn't fancy museum, although I think that's because he'd rather see Flushed Away. Museum does look good though, and we will undoubtedly see it before they go back to school. I think it might be a bit old for a 4.5 yr old.

allnearlyoverforanotheryear · 28/12/2006 12:54

oh, Happy Feet fab, btw.

batters · 28/12/2006 13:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JollyOldSaintNikkielas · 28/12/2006 21:30

Flushed away really good but some of the humour was a bit over dd2s (5) head, she still enjoyed it though.

Xh went to see night at the museum and said it would be ok for my (tough )dd2 (though why he went without them when he knew dd1 wanted to see it grr )

batters · 29/12/2006 13:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sobernow · 15/01/2007 16:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crystalpony · 15/01/2007 16:54

We took our dd who's also 4.5 last night. We'd been dying to see it but couldn't be seen going without a child in tow and she finally agreed to come with us!!

She enjoyed it, made her jump a couple of times, but that made her laugh too.

I thought it was good for a kids film, for any age really.

Whizzz · 15/01/2007 16:56

A couple of Year 7s at school told me Night at the Museum was really good !!

treacletart · 21/01/2007 22:11

Went this weekend with DS 3.5 and friends DSs 7 and nearly 6. They all loved it, as did all the grown ups too. Lots of fun.

bookends · 21/01/2007 22:20

dh had to see it with both dds and their friends on sep. occasions a week apart! He returned home saying that he had really enjoyed it. The dds+friends (9-12) loved it. I'll wait till DVD.

nikkie · 22/01/2007 20:12

I want to go to this, still waiting for a free w/e though (bloody kids parties [rolls eyes])

bookends · 24/01/2007 13:23

nikkie, thank goodness the kids parties slow down as they get older as they only want their closer friends around on their birthdays. The energy required to drop, pick up, smile and be nice is too much weekend after weekend.

nikkie · 24/01/2007 19:45

Dd2 is best friends with everyone though!

Saturn74 · 24/01/2007 19:55

We all loved this film. DS1 is 11 and DS2 is 9.
Flushed Away probably better for a 4 yo though - we loved that too!

nikkie · 27/01/2007 17:49

They both loved the film,dd2 said it was scary but didn't bother at the time,she laughed all the way through it

WideWebWitch · 07/05/2007 09:23

This had terrible reviews but we watched it recentky and I think it's a fab family film.

admylin · 07/05/2007 09:25

Ds aged 8 wants this on dvd for his birthday so I'm pleased to hear so many of you enjoyed it. we missed it at the cinema.

lou33 · 07/05/2007 09:26

we all enjoyed it

jellybeans · 28/05/2007 13:55

As long as you are just after a light family film then it is very watchable. We and the kids loved it but it is quite cheesy x

NuttyMuffins · 28/05/2007 13:58

We all like it, but Flushed away is better.

Happy Feet is dire, non of us liked that.

Nightynight · 28/05/2007 14:47

did Night At the Museum really have bad reviews? I am surprised, all my children 3 -10 years old loved it, and I did too.
the plot is quite hackneyed, but there is enough entertainment to carry it off.

kittylette · 28/05/2007 14:51

I love it!

I love the litle monkey cause my son is called Dexter!

and he calls him Dexxy, like we do!


TwoToTango · 28/05/2007 14:57

My DS (6.5) Loved Night at the Museum - he sat riveted all the way through. Def recommend it.

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