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Surprise new Force Awakens trailer

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TrionicLettuce · 06/11/2015 23:54

After the last trailer was released it appeared that was all we were getting until release day.

Not so, today a was released in Japan with plenty of new footage.

I thought I couldn't possibly be any more excited about this film. I was so wrong Grin

00:01 on the 17th of December can't come quickly enough!!

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TrionicLettuce · 07/11/2015 14:29

In case anyone hasn't seen them yet five new posters were revealed a couple of days ago too.

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TrionicLettuce · 09/11/2015 17:00

On the off chance anyone is interested, here's there first Grin

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BeccaMumsnet · 09/11/2015 17:18

Shock Thanks so much for this! I am FAR too excited.

TrionicLettuce · 09/11/2015 18:04

I keep telling myself I'm not going to watch anything else now and as soon as they release something new I'm dissecting it frame by frame Blush Grin

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