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thegrowlygus · 07/09/2015 09:42

Just showing off a touch - DS1 and I went to the world premiere of Bill yesterday (at Cambridge Film Festival). It is the people who did Horrible Histories and a film about William Shakespeare. It was brilliant!
Very funny for DS, and for me too. Giggling like a loon, I was. Good story, sword fights, love, silliness, and some great one liners.

And topped off by meeting the cast who were all lovely. We were both stupidly, grinningly starstruck. And I managed not to call Martha Douglas-Howe "Debb-eeeehh" Grin - well, only in passing.

I think I will become a Bill groupie.

OP posts:
thegrowlygus · 07/09/2015 09:44

That'll be Howe-Douglas, not Douglas-Howe.
I'm failing at this groupie lark already, aren't I? I should've stuck to "Debb-eeeeeh"Blush

OP posts:
GreenShadow · 19/09/2015 17:23

Anyone been to see this yet?

I'm planning to go, but not sure when - can't do this weekend and during the week our cinema is only showing it during the working (and school) day! Very sensible planning (not), or did they just expect the audience to be filled with stay at home MNers...

AuntieStella · 19/09/2015 17:36

You met the cast Envy

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