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Far from the madding crowd

28 replies

CormoranStrike · 10/05/2015 17:40

I saw this this weekend and loved every single second of it.

I didn't actually know the story at all, just bought a ticket and wandered in and a visual delight was before me, with some fab acting and a great story.

I would recommend it. Smile

OP posts:
StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes · 10/05/2015 19:24

me too, absolutely loved it. Hardy at his most cheerful apparently but gosh, a bit doom and gloom. really well done though.

SwedishEdith · 10/05/2015 19:26

Saw it recently as well. The actor who plays Gabriel Oak - swoon.

CormoranStrike · 10/05/2015 22:23

Oh yes, lovely, lovely Farmer Oak.

OP posts:
Pontouf · 10/05/2015 22:26

I saw it on Tuesday and thought it was fab. I didn't know the story either but have read some Hardy previously and concur that it is the most cheerful thing of his I've come across. You want doom and gloom try Return of the Native. Urgh. (GSCE set text 20 years ago and I can still feel the boredom....)

AldiQ7 · 10/05/2015 22:28

I went to see this a few days ago - it was really good, but I was really distracted by how tiny Carey Mulligan's waist was!

AldiQ7 · 10/05/2015 22:30

Oh my god The Return of the Native has to be the most boring book ever written. I know that setting the scene is important and everything, but the pages and pages of description at the beginning of that book was just zzzzzzzzz.....

TheCraicDealer · 10/05/2015 22:32

Saw it last night, I looooved it. Even DP enjoyed it more than he thought he would. It confirmed my view that Gabriel Oak is the foxiest man in literature. Obviously when my mum said, "oh I wanted to see that", I selflessly volunteered to go see it again with her.

Imnotbeingyourbestfriendanymor · 10/05/2015 23:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starsinthenight · 10/05/2015 23:24

I saw it last night too. Went with friend for mutual swooning over Farmer Oak. Left DH babysitting at home. Pure escapism.

ibitemythumbatyou · 10/05/2015 23:30

I felt so sorry for the older guy - can't remember his name.

I did quite like Frank for the 5 minutes he was charming and then became a complete douchebag.

MrsToddsShortcut · 10/05/2015 23:34

I loved it too, however I'm afraid that Sgt Troy will forever be Terence Stamp - he spoiled me for any other as he was so dangerous and wild. Although to be fair, Tom Sturridge did get the spoilt petulance down to a T.

But for me the film was stolen by Michael Sheen, who made me cry.

ThreeFrazzledFandangos · 10/05/2015 23:35

Recently XP has DS this Tuesday and it's cheap cinema night so I was thinking of going watching this.

The only problem is I tend to cry A LOT at very sad or happy films and I'm a really ugly crier. Will I need a paper bag for my head when I leave?

TisILeclerc · 10/05/2015 23:39

I saw it on Friday with my sister, my mum and two of my aunts. There was a lot of swooning going on Grin

It has a lovely ending Frazzled so you may well need a paper bag. I can assure you it is worth it though!

FoolishFay · 10/05/2015 23:41

And it was filmed all around where I live! I loved it.

TheCraicDealer · 10/05/2015 23:49

I don't think it really conveyed how much of a tit she was at the start of the story. I always liked that Oak was ready to tell her when she was behaving like an arsehole.

I always pictured Bathsheba as a Gemma Arterton-alike, but CM won me over. Michael Sheen was fab, perfect casting, although I think she lead him on way more in the book. Perhaps they worried about making her too unlikable? TS was wonderfully ball baggy, but still managed to make you feel horribly sorry for him in parts.

BackforGood · 10/05/2015 23:50

This is the only book I've ever 'given up on' - it was such a hard slog.
Be interesting to see how it comes out in a film.

ReallyBadParty · 10/05/2015 23:52

Ooh, that's good to hear, am a big Hardy fan, saw the trailer and swooned,must see if it's on near me.....thank you Smile

ibitemythumbatyou · 10/05/2015 23:53

It has a lovely ending Frazzled so you may well need a paper bag. I can assure you it is worth it though!

Does it?


I wouldn't say it's a happy ending for everyone.

LittleIda · 11/05/2015 00:26

I loved it. The actor who played GO wouldn't normally be my type I don't think, but I can't see how anyone could not fall in love with GO's character. If only Bathsheba had said yes to GO in the beginning it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble Wink and Fanny could have married Boldwood. (Poor Boldwood Sad ) Fanny looked so beautiful as a bride. Sad

ThreeFrazzledFandangos · 11/05/2015 13:55

Bag at the ready, I'll try to go tomorrow (work dependant).

MiddleAgeMiddleEngland · 11/05/2015 14:07

One of my favourite books, I've read it over a dozen times. So, going to see a film version was always going to be a risk. I did enjoy it, the acting was good, but I was annoyed that they changed Bathsheba's most famous quote - the "I shall be up before you are awake" one.

TinklyLittleLaugh · 11/05/2015 14:30

I really disagree that Return of the Native is the most boring book ever written; I did Under the Greenwood Tree for GCSE.

AnneEtAramis · 07/09/2015 23:48

I know that this thread is from May , but I watched this last night and loved every second and cried loads.

I have only read Tess and was ready for pure devastation.

Mynameismummy · 01/10/2015 19:27

At the risk of sounding like a nutter, my DD6 is desperate to see this film because we went on holiday to Dorset and saw the costumes in a museum and where it had been filmed. Only problem is the 12 rating! I've read the book and can't think why it would be unsuitable (Tess you can understand, but I don't think there was much action in FFTMC!). Could anyone help me? Don't mind her seeing a flash of breast etc if that's the reason, but obviously don't want to expose her to hideous violence etc!

lavendersun · 01/10/2015 19:34

There is a sex scene and a fair bit of snogging from memory. Sex scene adds nothing at all imo, shame it is in there.

DD watched it, we asked her to get something from another room and skipped the scene so she was oblivious. DD was keen to watch it as she had had the children's version of the book for a while.

The sheep falling off the cliff could be distressing but she had come across that in the book and remembered the bloat from the book and was really excited when she learned it was in the film Smile.

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