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Do you care about the Oscars?

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MsAmerica · 22/02/2015 23:24

Do you make a point of watching the Oscars? Do you try to see the nominees ahead of time? Do the awards influence what you'll choose to see afterward? Do you care about the nominees, or are you really more interested in the clothes? If you watch the whole thing, do you think it's worthwhile and well-done, or overlong and boring? Do you private think that you could offer some tips on how to improve it?

OP posts:
MaudeLebowski · 23/02/2015 03:10

I care very much this year, as a client has been nominated.

Not fussed any other time, but like the clothes.

flipchart · 26/02/2015 13:29

I love films and watch several a week at a local indie cinema. However I feel, with very few exceptions its all the main stream fils that get all the attention and loads of much more interesting films don't get a look in.

LaurieFairyCake · 26/02/2015 13:31

I care about the actors which I know sounds a bit weird.

I love watching a good performance and when one wins who I really rate and they're moved and stuttering with happiness I'm so genuinely delighted for them it makes me cry.

Davros · 27/02/2015 15:20

I thought I cared but then managed to miss the whole thing! I only knew it had happened when I saw it mentioned on the evening news!!

FenellaFellorick · 27/02/2015 15:21

couldn't give a shit.

Sounds like you're advertising something Grin

FenellaFellorick · 27/02/2015 15:23

like the washing powder ads I mean Grin

is your washing grey and dull? do you look at the neighbours whites on the line, ever wished you could...


MsAmerica · 28/02/2015 01:34

I don't think it sounds weird to care about the actors - I sometimes care about particular ones, but not so much this year.

The only award I really cared about this year was for documentary, so I was happy. I saw all the major nominees except American Sniper, but I wasn't madly rooting for any of them.

Overmuch agree with you, Flipchart. Maude, did your client win?

OP posts:
Finnchic · 03/03/2015 13:49

Nope, couldnt care less

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