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Please help me find this film!

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Smurfgirl · 21/10/2006 23:26

When I was pretty young (5 or 6) I remember watching a film my mum had on video, I asked her to turn it off because I was too scared and she lost it. Its bugged me ever since what it was.

It was a cartoon about a little girl. Her family was forced into building a railway and then they escaped and lived in a big hole in the forest.
With hindsight I wonder if it was maybe about the holocaust but a cartoon about that seems unlikely, but it was very dark and def about people being persecuted and forced into hard labour. It was a child's film (or even tv show?) because my mum put it on for me.

Can anyone help?

OP posts:
Flamebat · 21/10/2006 23:43

Googling for all I am worth...

Smurfgirl · 22/10/2006 00:03

Thanks. I have tried googling but I don't know exactly what I am looking for so its hard!

OP posts:
SamhainWitch · 22/10/2006 00:06

So it would be on video about 15-16 yrs ago yes?

Colour/black and white?

Flamebat · 22/10/2006 00:07

A little drunk, so not much luck tonight... will keep hunting tomorrow too.

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