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What's the better film - Jurassic Park or Independence Day?

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Hassled · 27/12/2014 19:43

Can you settle a very heated family dispute?

OP posts:
Madaboutthrows · 27/12/2014 19:47

Independence Day. Tough one to resolve. No wonder you are asking strangers!

loudarts · 27/12/2014 19:48

Jurassic park of course

HermioneWeasley · 27/12/2014 19:49

Jurassic Park, without question

AlpacaStockingOnChristmasEve · 27/12/2014 19:50

Jurassic park.

Hassled · 27/12/2014 19:50

You Jurassic Parkers aren't thinking this through. Does JP have Will Smith dragging an alien through the desert? No, it does not.

OP posts:
chanie44 · 27/12/2014 19:50

Im going to be controversial and say Independence Day. It's one of those films I could always watch when it comes on.

kim147 · 27/12/2014 19:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LongDistanceLove · 27/12/2014 19:52

Jurassic park for sure Xmas Grin

Trills · 27/12/2014 19:53

We will not go quietly into the night

We will not vanish without a fight

No contest!

LIZS · 27/12/2014 19:53

If you must, Jurassic park

Hairylegs47 · 27/12/2014 19:53

Independence Day wins for me every time.

Trills · 27/12/2014 19:54

I don't find the President's daughter cute.

Will Smith's nearly-stepson is cute though.

Hassled · 27/12/2014 19:54

Yes, irritating Jeff is the only constant.

OP posts:
EstRusMum · 27/12/2014 19:54

JP obviously.

Trills · 27/12/2014 19:55

Weasel man saying "plausible deniability"

"Is that glass bulletproof?"
"No sir"
Bam bam bam!

Hassled · 27/12/2014 19:59

JP does at least demonstrate what happens when you patronise a cross velociraptor by saying "Clever girl!" to it. What happens is that she bites your head off.

OP posts:
CassieBearRawr · 27/12/2014 20:02

Independence Day, obv.

What's the better film - Jurassic Park or Independence Day?
elQuintoConyoIKNOWHIM · 27/12/2014 20:03

ID is patronising bullshit and irritates me!

JP has a man being plucked off the bog and eaten! A sneezing something-o-saur! The ripples in the water glass!

kim147 · 27/12/2014 20:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CassieBearRawr · 27/12/2014 20:05

Hang on, did you just call the godlike Goldblum irritating Shock

LoathsomeDrab · 27/12/2014 20:07

JP, no contest.


Hassled · 27/12/2014 20:08

I did, Cassie, it's true. He ruined The Big Chill singlehandedly.

OP posts:
MamaPizza · 27/12/2014 20:08

Independence Day.

It has Will Smith. Enough said.

StillStayingClassySanDiego · 27/12/2014 20:10

Jurassic Park of course:

Sam Neil
Jeff Goldblum

and dinosaurs! !

JammyDodger1 · 27/12/2014 20:10

I am actually watching Independence day now, and where Will gets the Alien, "I could be at a BBQ right now" classic!

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