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The judge

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CormoranStrikesANoteOfDoom · 29/10/2014 20:57

Saw this movie tonight, big names are Robert Downey Junior and Robert Duvall - and it was excellent.

Stunning performances all round, enough plot twists and turns to capture the attention for a lengthy time and you won't be looking at your watch wishing the time away.

You will, instead, never want this to end.

You know those feel good movies that go straight to DVD with barely a whimper? This is NOTHING like that. It is watchable, bewitching, thought provoking, funny and touching.

Go see this one Grin

OP posts:
GhoulsOfTheHauntingDamned · 29/10/2014 21:06

I really fancy this, and I love RDJ, he's a fantastic actor. I might watch it when the kids have gone to bed. Not that I've got a pirated copy or anything. Halloween Grin

CormoranStrikesANoteOfDoom · 29/10/2014 22:02

Enjoy, ghoul, enjoy!

Post back and let me know what you think.

OP posts:
StoorieHoose · 10/01/2015 22:05

Fabulous film - watched the last half through tears though! Robert Duvall was simply fabulous and RDJ showed the range that he can cover and not just Iron Man

LadyTurmoil · 17/01/2015 21:57

I can watch anything with Robert Duvall - love him - have you seen The Apostle? Wanted to know if it was good?

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