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Riot Club?

8 replies

Nerf · 04/10/2014 06:09

Anyone seen it? Went tonight and felt it was well produced and directed but the plot and characters didn't add up.

OP posts:
Nerf · 04/10/2014 10:07

No one?

OP posts:
Nerf · 04/10/2014 16:01

Am I the only one forced to sit through this? And the trailer for Annabelle?

OP posts:
cartsmar · 05/10/2014 02:11

That trailor for Anabelle!! Looks like A shite film but the ad gave me the heebie jeebies! (Wimp) Grin

Riot Club has had a few scathing reviews but I liked it, in that I thought character portrayal review was good, and that it made me hate everyone (but I had fleeting sympathy with whatshisname and of course her)

I think it would have been better a bit darker, more complex (think Social Nerwork?)

I can see how it worked well as a play. Had some smart observations but lacked polish.

What do you think OP?

cartsmar · 05/10/2014 02:17

Don't know why the word review sneaked in!

holidaysarenice · 05/10/2014 02:39

I thought it was awful! Many people left half way through!

Nerf · 05/10/2014 04:37

Holidays, wow! No one left the screening when we saw it. I thought it was lazy - very much based on stereotypes (how gay could they make the older student?) but agree, as a play yes. Didn't believe in the plot or the way they all rallied behind one of them.

OP posts:
Nerf · 05/10/2014 04:37

And that trailer! Why would you be thrilled with that hideous doll??

OP posts:
CormoranStrike · 06/10/2014 23:29

I watched it in horrified fascination, hated them all apart from Milo, he didn't turn out great but he was a bit too pissed to take it all in.

Awful people.

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