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Can't see a thread on this - Little Miss Sunshine

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emsiewill · 27/09/2006 14:37

Just back from watching this film (stole an afternoon off with dh - bliss).

It is absolutely hilarious and moving too.

Anyone else seen it?

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misdee · 27/09/2006 14:38

how long is it?

emsiewill · 27/09/2006 14:45

It's 102 minutes, I believe. We went to the 12:20 show, and were getting in the car at 14:13 (to be precise).

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womblingalong · 28/09/2006 11:43


I saw it las night with my friend, it was really good, a fab road movie, and did you see all those beauty pageant girls - scary!

emsiewill · 28/09/2006 15:26

OOh yes, they didn't look real, did they? Horrid.

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poppiesinaline · 28/09/2006 16:21

Heard this was a good movie. Havent seen it yet though but it sounds very good.

Misspiggy · 28/09/2006 16:26

Ooh, thanks emsiewill. DH and me were wondering about this - that's Sat night sorted now!

emsiewill · 28/09/2006 19:20

you will enjoy it - we were crying with laughter at the end...

OP posts:
multitasker · 28/09/2006 19:30

Going tomorrow night hopefully,love Toni Collete

moondog · 28/09/2006 19:31

I'm going on Friday (alone! In day! Bliss!)
It can only be jollier than Children of Men which rapped me into a bummer on Monday afternoon.

emsiewill · 30/09/2006 18:58

So what did you think?

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