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Somethings got to give - how does title relate to the film????

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melsy · 08/04/2004 20:22

I know it isnt some deep meaningful philasophical film, quite good for its genre, depsite a crap Keanu Reeves, but really enjoyed it anywhooo. But being dense, Im normally quite perceptive of these things but is that a crap title or did I miss something. Is it about the main character changing his ways??

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melsy · 08/04/2004 20:45

No ones here, so ill just have to talk to myself.

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melsy · 09/04/2004 16:01

So am I the only one whos seen this then !!!

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SueW · 09/04/2004 16:30

I haven't. I did see Scooby Doo Too on Monday but fell asleep for the first 15 mins!

Davros · 09/04/2004 17:07

Only ever heard of Somethings Got to Give as Marilyn Monroe's last film - she was replaced (not sure if due to being dead or unreliable!) and it was renamed. Is this a remake?

melsy · 09/04/2004 17:15

No its Jack Nicholsens film with Diane keaton.I know the marylin one though, I got bought a special set with the only 2hrs filmed of her in that part, before Doris stepped in. I forgot it was called that to.

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 04/05/2004 18:49

I guess the title refers to the fact that Nicholson realises he can't have it all, i.e. an intelligent woman who he can relate to at his age is not going to be a young floozy.

But frankly I'm in shock about the Keanu comment. OK, so he's not the best actor in the world. But who cares? He was SO sexy in the movie.

lilibet · 04/05/2004 19:09

Jack can have me any day and I aspire to being a young floozy

KateandtheGirls · 04/05/2004 21:23

As long as Keanu, the cute, sensitive doctor is all mine.

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