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Be honest....who is NOT really worthy of being called an actor?

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collision · 29/03/2004 13:37

I know I will be shot down in flames but some actors are not worthy of being called actors.

Keanu Reeves....tasty but very bad actor!
Harrison Ford always plays himself.
Edward Fox......what the hell?
All the guys from Friends.....all play themselves.

I like actors who have character and can do accents like Ewan McGregor and the chap from The Full Monty.

Any others??

OP posts:
noddy5 · 29/03/2004 13:39

leslie grantham TRAGIC

Jaybee · 29/03/2004 13:40

Michael Caine

collision · 29/03/2004 13:41

Anthony Hopkins! (Sorry Kiwi)

OP posts:
Jaybee · 29/03/2004 13:42

Wendy Richards

Janstar · 29/03/2004 13:43

Everyone in Home & Away.

Mike Baldwin in Coro.

LIZS · 29/03/2004 13:59

Hugh Grant

Janstar · 29/03/2004 14:00

Especially Donald Fisher

lazyeye · 29/03/2004 14:02

shot down in flames for this one I bet, but I thought Brenda Blethyn in 'Little Voice' was just over ham. Liked her up till then..........

Agree with Leslie Grantham, Penelope Keith,Bruce Willis

Janstar · 29/03/2004 14:03

is LIZS Liz Hurley then?

Blackduck · 29/03/2004 14:06

Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks

kiwisbird · 29/03/2004 14:08

jim carrey

LIZS · 29/03/2004 14:09

lol Janstar - wasn't last time I checked! Couldn't be faffed with all those safety pins.

lou33 · 29/03/2004 14:18

Can't stand Jim Carrey.

Batters · 29/03/2004 14:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula · 29/03/2004 14:41

Kevin Bacon. He looks like a pig

CountessDracula · 29/03/2004 14:44

and that Samuel L Jackson can only play himself
Even in the Barclays Bank ad

spacemonkey · 29/03/2004 14:45

BELLOW @ Kevin Bacon remark!

Twinkie · 29/03/2004 14:45

Gary Lucy (Kyle in Footballers Wives!!)- he only has one expression (and I think expressions are important is you want to make it as an actor) - his sucking a lemon face is getting fucking boring!!

motherinferior · 29/03/2004 14:45

I am happy for Alan Rickman to realise that acting is not really for him, and that he would rather devote himself totally to my every whim

Marina · 29/03/2004 15:00

Methinks you do not approve of Method acting Batters! I will defend DDL on the grounds of being really brilliant in the flesh - saw him in Hamlet and The Futurists at the National. He was fab, honest...but exhausting.
They're not film stars thank God but I find myself feeling sick at the thought of Ross Kemp, Nick Berry and Robson Greene being paid for their "work". They are all atrocious. Blech blech blech.

Moomin · 29/03/2004 15:55

Twinkie - totally agree about Gary Lucy. His acting face is like Peggy Mitchell's disapproving face - someone once said it's like she's thinking "What IS the capital of Guatamala?' Try thinking that next time you watch "Footballer's" - it's hilarious.

Angeliz · 29/03/2004 15:58

I HATE watching soft Nick out Coronation Street.
Has anyone noticed that he takes a quick gasp before every sentence!
OOOOHHH he does me head in!!!!!

Angeliz · 29/03/2004 15:59

Moomin, i just thought that and i Honestly reminded myself of Gary Lucy,(that expression)

lazyeye · 29/03/2004 16:00

Nigel Harman, sorry don't think he can act and don't see what all the fuss is about either.

ks · 29/03/2004 16:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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