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Does anyone know the name of this movie?

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Chilimama · 08/09/2006 00:07

I saw a film when I was a teenager (Probably about 12 years ago) about a group of people who were (I think) in some kind of prison or something. Each of them had a fear of dying in a certain way (Electrocution, drowning etc...) and they have to get out of where they are.

I remember one scene where one of the women drowns in a bathtub, another guy is strangled by chains and someone else gets electrocuted.

It is really annoying me that I don't know what it is called! I have looked up similar films (Cube etc) but still can't find this film!

Can anyone help?!?

Thanks ;)

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HarvestMoonPan · 08/09/2006 00:32

yes, I saw it too. "The Sound of Music". But with a twist..brilliant.

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