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Dallas Buyers' Club

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echt · 16/02/2014 10:50

Saw this today with DH. Knockout film. Having not watched anything with McConaghey in it, I was not focussing on his newly-fangled actor chops.

What I saw was very good. An unsympathetic protagonist played with style. I saw the acting, not the weight loss.

OP posts:
Dancergirl · 16/02/2014 22:19

Brilliant, I loved it.

Although the funny thing was, I only realised about half way through how much I liked it. I was sort of looking to the side as I thought it was going to be gory!

NoelleHawthorne · 14/12/2014 16:17

its qutie dull. isnt it?

MsRyanGosling · 14/12/2014 16:32

I loved it. One of my favourite films of 2014.

NoelleHawthorne · 14/12/2014 17:32

Ha. I gave up. I didn't really care about the main character

MsRyanGosling · 14/12/2014 17:42

Really? He's dying of AIDS and is denied treatment that helps him?


NoelleHawthorne · 14/12/2014 17:48

I know. I just found him loathsome

arlagirl · 14/12/2014 17:49

I loved it

Flipchart · 11/03/2015 15:04

I thought it was great but I like a lot of MM work anyway.
I thought Jared Leto was brilliant as Rayon.
I saw it when it first came out last year.

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