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What shall I see? Pirates of the Caribbean or The Break Up?

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cupcakes · 01/08/2006 09:07

Going to cinema this weekend. Which would you recommend?

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shazronnie · 01/08/2006 22:27

i went to see Pirates the other week and very much enjoyed it, although it is long - about 2 and a half hours.

cupcakes · 02/08/2006 12:25

so don't go crazy on the giant drinks then.

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expatinscotland · 02/08/2006 12:27


yorkshirelass79 · 02/08/2006 12:30

Message withdrawn

cupcakes · 02/08/2006 12:32

hmmm. true.

OP posts:
sweetmonkey · 02/08/2006 12:40

i have seen both and to be honest they are both very good. break up there are lots of laughing out loud moments and pirates is very much fantasy. depends what you fancy really

expatinscotland · 02/08/2006 12:44

i quite fancy a bit of johnny depp myself. lucky vanessa paradis - skinny, gorgeous, French, two lovely children AND johnny. cow.

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 12:46

new to this would u mind if i joined in?

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 12:48

is break up good does would a man happily watch lol

snowleopard · 02/08/2006 12:50

I saw break up recently and loved it. romcom without the cheese and no schmaltzy ending - and both of them are fab in it, as are the other characters. Found myself fancying Vince by the end.

snowleopard · 02/08/2006 12:51

I think a man would enjoy it but I was thinking "this has to have been written by a women" - it's very accurate about what women want out of relationships.

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 12:54

didnt fancy bringin him along if he'll moan whole way thru it n make me miss most of it

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 12:56

dont get 2 cinema v often so wanted 2 chose right thing to see, although going to see cars with daughter i'm dreadin it as its first time takin her

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 12:57

ne tips on taking kids to cinema to make it as relaxed for all oarties

FoghornLeghorn · 02/08/2006 13:00

I saw The Break Up a few weeks ago and although it was an easy to watch film, all the really funny bits are what they show in the trailers.
Apart from the bit where Jennifer Aniston's brother gets a sing song going around the dinner table, absolutely side splitting

DVX · 02/08/2006 13:00

I have seen pirates and thought it was one of the worst films this year! This was a pity as we had all been really excited it was coming out.

mrsgiggles · 02/08/2006 13:05

i didn't think it was too bad but did walk out thinkin that how on earth are they going to manage a third to be honest i think another one will be going to far

cupcakes · 02/08/2006 16:29

I was thinking that Pirates would be good to watch at the cinema whereas I don't think I'll miss anything by watching The Break Up on dvd. However, although I did enjoy the first Pirates I'm just not so sure about this one. We're going for my birthday so dh doesn't mind what I choose.

OP posts:
willandsamsmum · 02/08/2006 20:04

I haven't seen The Breakup yet (alhtough i love Vince Vaughn so it's on my list to see) but saw POTC 2 a few weeks ago and loved it. Johnny Depp is totally film stealing of course but it is very very funny in some parts and has some great action scenes.

Mrsgiggles - I took my four year old to see superman returns and it was great. I don't know how old your daughter is but I think as long as you remember to check for toilet breaks regularly it's fine. I would go at a busy time when there are alot of other kids in the cinema too and no-one will mind too much if she gets up or makes a bit of noise.

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