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crazydazy · 28/04/2006 20:40

Has anyone seen this? DP got a copy of it and we watched it last night, well he did, I got up and walked out half way through, it really was the most disgusting film I've ever seen, I like horrors don't get me wrong but this crosses the line, it is just so graphic its untrue.

Didn't help me being emetophobic though Grin

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webwoman05 · 28/04/2006 22:33

Yes I've seen this too. A bit unreaslistic we thought although a friend of ours said that he heard that the film was based on a true story! Very unsettling if that is so. When the 3 guys first arrive at the hostel my dh and I kept saying "what's the catch?!" If you didn't like the first half - the second half was more graphic! Not sure if it has done very well at the cinema?

drdad · 29/04/2006 21:37

The phrase 'most disgusting film I've ever seen' works on me every time. This has now shot straight to the top of my must-see list.

MrsWood · 30/04/2006 23:08

Not as graphic as the attack scene in "Hill Have Eyes" remake - Usually not much bothers me in a film but I nearly walked out, I was almost sick - just so you know, involved included pg woman, small baby and so on - very very disturbing.
By the way, thought Hostel was quite good :)

themoon66 · 09/05/2006 14:02

Hostel truely was the most horrible film I've seen. I saw it about 3 weeks ago and it still keeps creeping back into my head. At one point I was actually wretching over the seat in front. It was a good job I hadn't eaten before we went. Its the sort of film that makes your heart pound and your ears whistle. You cannot believe what you are seeing!! I also heard it was based on a true story. Funny thing was, it was based in Bratislavia and Easyjet have just started cheap flights there aimed at stag nights - the mind bogggles. Bet they don't sell many flights.

crazydazy · 09/05/2006 14:04

I know it was horrible wasn't it? I really could not watch all of it as I am emetophobic, god knows why I watched it in the first place as I had this uneasy feeling about it from the start.

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donnie · 09/05/2006 14:20

I have read a couple of reviews of this film and there was a thread on MN recently about the offensiveness of a poster advertising the film whcih was very near a primary school .
Just out of interest, what is the point of films like this one ? I haven't seen it but am I correct in thinking it is just a load of torture and abuse?
just wondered what people felt was the point of a film like that.

crazydazy · 09/05/2006 14:32

Thats why I stopped watching it, I saw no point to the film.....directed by a man and it shows !!

DP thought it was okay and his Dad wasn't repulsed by it either.....quite strange I think

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