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The ringer

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chestnutty · 07/04/2006 18:18

I'm thinking about seeing this film with dh tommorrow.Has anyone seen it? The trailers look good but is it?

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chestnutty · 07/04/2006 19:52

bump some one must of seen it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

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chestnutty · 10/04/2006 14:52

I quite like having my own personal thread!
Got the times wrong for the ringer (I thought it srarted at 7.20 but it was 9.20 so it was too late). In the end we saw Basic Instinct 2 - what a boring film! Sharon Stone was too old and not at all seducive, the bloke was dull and the whole thing was pants.AngrySad

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chestnutty · 13/04/2006 11:21

I watched The Bourne Identity the other night.
I thought it was a good film and now I want to watch The Bourne Sumperacy.
Will write again next week unless someone else posts on my thread.Grin

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gscrym · 13/04/2006 11:28

I saw it a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit slushy in bits. Johnny Knoxville gets the mickey ripped right out of him. I laughed my pants off. Didn't think much of Brian Cox character though.

chestnutty · 13/04/2006 12:11

Thank you, I think I'll wait for the DVD now.

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