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Orange Wednesdays

4 replies

treadonthecracks · 13/07/2012 21:28

Does anyone know - if 6 of us want to go, only I have an orange phone, can I buy 6 tickets and only pay for 3?


OP posts:
ChaosTrulyReigns · 13/07/2012 21:35

3 codes medear.


treadonthecracks · 14/07/2012 19:57

So I text them 3 times.

That's great, thanks.

OP posts:
ByTheWay1 · 14/07/2012 19:59

does it work that way or can each phone only get 1 code?

Seona1973 · 14/07/2012 22:30

you'll only be able to use 1 text ticket unless some of the others have an orange phone as well. From T&C's:

There is a maximum of one text ticket per Orange Subscriber per transaction per week. You can only use a text ticket once.

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