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Has anyone seen The Dictator?

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reddaisy · 26/05/2012 21:25

I liked Borat but I didn't like Bruno. We might be able to manage a couple of DC free hours soon but the reviews online are very mixed.

OP posts:
NotDavidTennant · 27/05/2012 10:24

I saw it, and didn't think it was that great. There were some funny moments, but also some stuff I personally found unpleasant, e.g. jokes about rape and child sex abuse. I think you would need to be of the "anything goes in the name of comedy" school of thought to fully enjoy it.

reddaisy · 27/05/2012 13:39

I think I will give it a miss then as anything that trivialises either of those two issues will definitely get my back up. Thanks.

OP posts:
SauvignonBlanche · 27/05/2012 13:41

Bloody hell! I didn't know that
DS is going to see that in an hour with his friend, as a birthday treat.
The other boy's already here.

DerbyNottsLeicsNightNanny · 27/05/2012 13:45

I saw it last night, there were some funny bits but nothing like as good as Borat. I'm surprised it wasn't rated 18 due to the content - don't know how he gets away with it!! Grin

SauvignonBlanche · 27/05/2012 13:47

Oh no, what can I do?
Pretend both cars have broken down?

DerbyNottsLeicsNightNanny · 27/05/2012 13:49

How old is your ds?

SauvignonBlanche · 27/05/2012 13:58

15, as is his friend.
He's all excited at seeing a 15 cert film, at the cinema for the first time.

SauvignonBlanche · 27/05/2012 15:45

Problem solved.
DH just called, the cinema wouldn't let them in as neither DS or his friend had photographic ID.
Sad for DS though, he was looking forward to it.

DoingItForMyself · 27/05/2012 15:50

I remember that happening to me when I was 15 - I was irate! He will be feeling mortified so be gentle with him Grin

SauvignonBlanche · 27/05/2012 17:54

DH took them bowling and we're going out for dinner. Smile

Labootin · 27/05/2012 17:58

rather worryingly I assumed this thread was about the Charlie Chaplin film....

Except thats Great ( in both ways)

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