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Anyone see Walk the Line?

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lilibet · 17/02/2006 11:29

It's a 12a, was wondering if it was suitable for children?

OP posts:
Marina · 17/02/2006 11:30

I think there is a scene of drug abuse, hence the certificate lilibet.
But I must admit I'd happily take my children if they were older - it's a fascinating story beautifully told if the reviews are anything to go by.
What age child are you thinking of?

saltire · 18/02/2006 13:36

I've seen it. There are some scenes where he is drug taking - not shooting heroin or anything, taking tablets. There is also a scene where in a drug induced rage he wrecks the stage, there is some swearing, and one scene where he (cash) is putting up picutres of June in his house and his wife takes offence and he pushed her to the ground. It doesn't escalate in to a fight or anything though. There isn't anything too scary, but i personally wouldn't take children under 12, for the simple reason that they would get bored, and it's not aimed at kids.

I would thoroughly recommend the film. The acting by Joaquin Phoenix is fantastic, he has got the depressed, darker side of Cash off to a tee, and his singing is great. The on screen chemistry between him and Reece Witherspoon lights up the screen, the way he looks at her sometimes you would believe he (Phoenix) is really in love with her. He is very hot in it, my Dh told me to stop drooling!

My only complaint was the fact that the entire Tayside branch of the Johnny Cash fan club seemed to be sitting next to us, and clapped and sang most of the way through it.

Cadbury · 18/02/2006 13:50

Thoroughly agree with you saltire. Saw it last night. Amazing acting. Have new found respect for Reece Witherspoon. Music was great (am I getting old?) but it missed out large chunks of his life I would have liked to find out more about.

ScummyMummy · 18/02/2006 13:57

lol at the tayside branch of the fanclub singing along, saltire. If you are in Dundee it was probably my parents in law and if it was i pity you! Really want to see this- sounds great.

saltire · 19/02/2006 13:47

I went to the Dundee cinema, scummymummy, so it could have been your In laws!!
You should go and see it, i can't say enough times how great it is

hannahsaunt · 21/02/2006 07:45

Saw this today and just loved it. Throws a new light on the Oscar line up - can't believe that anyone thought Keira Knightley was in the same class as Reece Witherspoon. She and J Phoenix are fantastic esp their singing. Just need to see Brokeback Mountain and Crash now to complete my Oscar prep.

suzywong · 21/02/2006 07:54

so that's several thumbs up is it?
It's cheap night Tuesday and 41 degrees C, probably won't get much below 30 degrees this evening so I'm off to a comfy seat and air-con.

Can't decide between this and Syriana. Anyone seen both?

cod · 21/02/2006 08:05

Message withdrawn

suzywong · 21/02/2006 08:09

oh cod cod cod
you are soooooo predictable

cod · 21/02/2006 08:10

Message withdrawn

cod · 21/02/2006 08:10

Message withdrawn

suzywong · 21/02/2006 08:12

it certainly is too efn hot
it is just as prohibitive as the other extreme of temperature and the glare from the sun is unbelievable.

But hey ho mustn't grumble

suzywong · 21/02/2006 22:44

I saw it last night

A very very very good film I think.

Old Joaquin scrubs up well don't you think.

hannahsaunt · 22/02/2006 03:30

Oh yes!

saltire · 22/02/2006 09:47

Scubs up well is not the words i would use to describe him in the film!!

This is a board read by young impressionable people so I'll say no more!

suzywong · 22/02/2006 09:50

my only criticism is he has sloping shoulders

otherwise he was very handsome

Wears a wife-beater very well

And to go back to the OP I would definitely NOT take anyone under 16 to see it.

saltire · 22/02/2006 09:52

I've always been a fan of his work - Gladiator, The Village etc, but had never looked on him as handsome (or any other similar adjective) until this film. I've been twice!!

chestnutty · 24/02/2006 17:01

Saw film yesterday. Brilliant! Joequin did Cash superbly. Hope he gets an Oscar for it. Hannahsaunt - I've seen Crash and would recommend it ( the DVD must be out soon ?) but do'nt fancy the gay cowboy film.

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