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Loved "Dr Seuss- The Lorax"

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saffronwblue · 12/04/2012 12:21

I found it really powerful- very strong anti-corporate pro environment message all wrapped up in good character, great animation and music. My DC (10 and 13) and I were all spellbound it and wanted to go and hug a tree on emerging from the cinema.

OP posts:
TheGrumpalo · 30/07/2012 08:53

Saffron I was the same! I thought it was the best kids film we've seen in a long time. Even dp agreed and he usually hates going to kids films.

For anyone looking for something to do over the holidays, go and see this film. We saw it in 3d and was well worth it.

I love Dr Seuss, the messages in his stories are what make them so enjoyable.

mrspink27 · 31/07/2012 16:28

We also went yesterday - It was funny and DD1 said she liked the "message" behind the film. I know it has been panned in some newspaper reviews recently but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

HipHopSkipJumpomous · 03/08/2012 14:41

I've been so looking forward to seeing The Lorax. It was my fav book as a child.

I was going to take DD who is nearly 5 - then I saw it had a 12a rating. Is it suitable for younger children (not sure what 12a means)

RunningOutOfIdeas · 03/08/2012 14:47

I thought it had a U rating. I was thinking of taking DD who is 4.

Would it be suitable for her?

HipHopSkipJumpomous · 03/08/2012 14:49

At yes it's U (don't know where I say 12A).
What is U?

HipHopSkipJumpomous · 03/08/2012 14:50

Suitable for ALL - fantastic - I will take DD then. Perhaps Sunday morning

RunningOutOfIdeas · 03/08/2012 14:52

U means it is suitable for all ages. You wrote that it was 12a in your post at 14:41 above.

FrothyOM · 03/08/2012 14:54

Thank's for the review. I am thinking of taking my DD.

HipHopSkipJumpomous · 03/08/2012 15:33

SAW - it should read I don't know where I saW it was 12A - I was very confused thinking why would they make it 12a, but I must have needed to change my contacts. I now know it's U - cheers.

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