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Slushy romantic lurve movie recommendations please

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Pruni · 31/01/2006 20:20

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
champs · 31/01/2006 20:21

13 going on 30

what women want

never been kissed

10 things i hate about you

Pruni · 01/02/2006 20:00

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
cod · 01/02/2006 20:01

Message withdrawn

Pruni · 01/02/2006 20:02

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Cutsie1 · 21/03/2006 14:43

Slushiest film ever without being too sickly: The Notebook!!!!

Other ones which are watchable
While you were sleeping (love it)
Sleepless in Seattle
Jerry McGuire
City of Angels (heartbreaker)
A Walk in The Clouds (romantic movie)
Dirty Dancing
Legends of the Fall (brad pitt..need I say more)
French Kiss
How to Lose a Guy in 10 days (funny & cute)
Notting Hill
Sliding Doors (fab film)
Two Weeks Notice
Sabrina (1995 one with Julia Ormond)
50 first dates

I could go on forever...arghhh I think I need a life LOL

Marina · 21/03/2006 14:44

Happy or sad ending?
With or without vests?

Pruni · 21/03/2006 14:51

PMSL you rumbled me Marina
I needed a recommendation for somebody else, honest guv.
Have seen most of Cutsie's list Blush

OP posts:
Marina · 21/03/2006 14:52

Vintage lurve and very vest-specific because as a result of Mr Gable's nudie torso, vests suddenly became totally out of fashion, and underwear makers protested:

It Happened One Night

meowmix · 21/03/2006 14:59

Only You - complete romcom trash with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr. Great shoes. God I love that film.

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