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Memories of a Geisha or Match Point?

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Beetroot · 31/01/2006 18:34

ch one shall I see tonight?

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harpsichordcarrier · 31/01/2006 18:35


gossifer · 31/01/2006 18:36

not sure if this helps because i want to see both, but i went to see brokeback mountain last week and it was beautiful/made me cry/emcompassed so much of life/was timeless

nowanearlyNicemum · 31/01/2006 18:42

god, how out of touch am I? I didn't even know they'd made Memoires of a Geisha into a film
that's DEFINITELY what I would plump for. - I don't really remember what the inside of a cinema looks like.

edam · 31/01/2006 18:42

Geisha is lovely but 2 1/2 hours long.

Beetroot · 31/01/2006 18:47

mountain is not on roudn here

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Frenchgirl · 31/01/2006 18:53

I'd go for Match Point but haven't seen either yet.....

Beetroot · 31/01/2006 19:53

so i sent brother down to cinema to buy tickets for eityher. I rush in at 740 and he has bought tickets for constant gardner..which I have already seen. ffs. and they willnot swap tickets

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