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The Skin I Live In

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aristocat · 23/01/2012 13:57

Watched this last night and it is possibly the strangest film I have seen in a long time, although it was also very good ..... has anyone else seen it?

OP posts:
javo · 23/01/2012 14:07

Yes - I saw it at the cinema with my 16 year old DD - it was bonkers! Everyone laughed when Antonio Banderas told his "patient" about the Vaginoplasty and also again when the dilators where displayed. The guy in the tiger skin suit had so much raw, powerful energy he was like a force of nature! Very aggressive -but not sure he added to the storyline.

My DD and I were not sure it was "good" in the normal way - but it was certainly different and gave us a lot to talk about on the way home.Antionio Banderas was a revelation.

MsAmerica · 05/06/2012 20:18

I saw it, and agree that it was strange, but good - but very distrubing, for me. Other people don't seem to have been as bothered about it as I was, but I think of our gender identity as being so basic to us that I found it very creepy.

WowOoo · 05/06/2012 20:23

I love Almodovar films. I can get so lost in the way they are filmed I forget to concentrate on the story.
It certainly was creepy. There's often revenge in his films.
And always a beautiful woman, which keeps DH very happy.

PorkyandBess · 05/06/2012 20:28

It's a bonkers film, but really enjoyable. The woman certainly was v v gorgeous.

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