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The Guard

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CuriousMama · 12/01/2012 23:23

I was looking on rotten tomatoes for a dvd to rent and came across The Guard. I haven't heard of it? It gets good reviews on there but I don't always go with that as have watched movies they've said are pants, and I've enjoyed them. Anyone seen it? And is it any good? TIA

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BelfastBloke · 13/01/2012 00:38


echt · 13/01/2012 04:46

I saw this at the cinema. Very good indeed.

echt · 13/01/2012 04:48

Come to think of it, I posted at the time. It's on page 2 of this forum.

CuriousMama · 13/01/2012 16:38

Thanks both of you I'll get it as it's out either now or on Monday?

I'll have a look at your thread echt ta.

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