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For all those who love - and hate - Love Actually...

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Ceasnake · 09/12/2011 21:58

I give you this excellent review:

A lot funnier than the damn film, IMHO.

OP posts:
Ceasnake · 09/12/2011 21:59

Damn it, how do you do links?

OP posts:
upahill · 28/12/2011 23:55

I have tried so hard to like LA but no, it's not happening.
The review gave the film more credibility than it deserves tbh.

limitedperiodonly · 20/01/2012 11:32

The only thing I hate about it is Liam Neeson hooking up with Claudia Schiffer five minutes after drying his eyes at his wife's funeral and his stepson being happy about it.

I don't mind suspending belief but that's ridiculous.

sozzledchops · 28/01/2012 20:12

I really like this movie and I don't normally go for soppy romance type movies.

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