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I'm sorry to spoil things, but I've just come back from seeing Narnia and Lucy has a striking and disturbing resemblance to...

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Caligula · 06/01/2006 22:23

... Ann Widdecombe.

I'm sorry, but there it is.

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puff · 06/01/2006 22:23


Caligula · 07/01/2006 09:44


It's the mouth

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MrsPreston · 07/01/2006 10:00

know what you mean - just but a blonde fright-wig on the poor child and voila!

Caligula · 07/01/2006 11:53

It just kept unnerving me while I was watching, because she's such a sweet, pretty child and yet so was dear Ann...

OP posts:
noddyholder · 07/01/2006 11:56

I thought the kids were very unattractive I feel bad saying this so don't shoot me but I think after reading the books as a child I had a completely different image in my head and was quite shocked that they were so plain

Nightynight · 07/01/2006 12:11

what is the film like generally?
the books are a bit precious, there were whole bits I skipped, so don't really want to sit through them in a film.

agree about Ann W btw.

Caligula · 07/01/2006 12:33

I think if you liked the Narnia books, you'll love the film.

It's very faithful to the books and has all the moral certainties adults want remembering from their childhoods.

There were several pensioners coming out all dewey-eyed and smiley.

Obviously, they wern't troubled by images of Lucy the Valiant shackling pregnant Narnian shoplifters...

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Lonelymum · 07/01/2006 20:01

Have never read the book as fantasy is not my thing, on the whole, but I have just been to see the film with my older children (aged 9, 8 and 5) and I found it rather over long (140 minutes) or is that just me because it was not my thing? Certainly a magnificent children's film and no blood or guts etc in the battle scene so fine for children. My children enjoyed it.

WideWebWitch · 07/01/2006 20:02

ha ha ha ikwym. v sweet though i thought

ScummyMummy · 07/01/2006 20:04

lol! Especially at the pregnant Narnian shoplifters.

paolosgirl · 07/01/2006 20:25

No she didn't!!! I thought the film was just right - it kept to the book, and didn't try to modernise or beautify the characters in anyway. Well done to the producers and casting people.

Caligula · 07/01/2006 20:35

I thought all the kids were good looking though (even though one of them did look like Ann Widd...)

Susan is at the ugly duckling stage but she'll be beautiful in a few years. And Edmund's gorgeous already.

OP posts:
Caligula · 07/01/2006 20:36

Actually maybe she's not, maybe they've made her up to look that 1940's ugly duck teenager. Easily done if you scrape your hair straight across your forehead. I've tried it and I look a fright.

OP posts:
paolosgirl · 07/01/2006 20:40

I thought they were all lovely too, in a really natural way iykwim (Peter esp!! ). You're right - that straight bob scraped across the forehead does little for anyone. My mum still has nightmares about her time in that hairstyle!

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