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Mel Gibson's 'Signs' .. WTF?

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Twiglett · 01/01/2006 11:21

.. watched it on tv the other night

can anyone explain it .. because honestly my eyes were open but I must've drifted off behind them .. I have no memory of it .. just snatches of images

drivel drivel drivel

OP posts:
misdee · 01/01/2006 11:22

its pants.

marthamoo · 01/01/2006 11:23

I saw it a while ago and can't remember a great deal about it either. Crop circles and aliens right? Mel looking old. Some kind of back-story involving trauma - dead wife? Can't really remember...

expatinscotland · 01/01/2006 11:23

It's utter kack!

daisiesinaline · 01/01/2006 12:03

Yeh I watched it. Theres a flaw in the story line. His wife dies and her dying speech enables him to save his family at the end of the film. BUT if that bloke hadn't killed his wife, he wouldn't have gone to that blokes house and cut off the alien's fingers and so the alien wouldn't have stayed behind to try and kill his son. Following me everyone!?

daisiesinaline · 01/01/2006 12:03

PS. Its DH and my favourite hobby - finding flaws in story lines!!!

TonightMatthewImgoingtobe · 01/01/2006 12:23

signs is carp

Spartakus · 01/01/2006 12:31

I watched The Stepford Wives the other week - well I say watched - I'd recorded it - thankfully - that was another pile of doggy doos

Miaou · 01/01/2006 12:32

Yup - worst film I've seen in a long time.

Roobie · 01/01/2006 12:33

I saw this ages ago and seem to recall thinking it was OK - can't actually remember much about it though

funnyonion · 01/01/2006 12:37

I can't remember what it was about just that it was rubbish.

Tortington · 01/01/2006 13:00

i liked it

Pruni · 01/01/2006 14:10

Message withdrawn

FlameRobin · 01/01/2006 14:12

Something in me liked Unbreakable....

I'm at the stage of only watching MNS films to see what his cameo role will be . The Village was pretty dire too, but worth it just to see how he was gonna get a shot of himself in there!

SpaGlorytoBlog · 01/01/2006 14:26

I liked it...Scared the pants off me, but then I am susceptable when it comes to alien invasions!

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