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wallace and gromit

4 replies

bsg · 28/10/2005 18:50

has anyone seen it. Is it suitable for a 3 and 4 year old?

OP posts:
flamebat · 28/10/2005 18:53

I'd say it is - Giant bunny, but cute giant bunny... depends if bunnies scare you really

Lots of stuff in it for adults, but it would go over little one's heads, so not an issue.

I enjoyed it

Blu · 28/10/2005 19:19

There's another thread about it somewhere. Lots of kids did find it scary.
My not-usually-daunted 4-year-old was quite frightened, but we didn't have to leave. You might have to explain little bits of plat to the 3 year-old.

Ags · 28/10/2005 19:26

Took my 2year 1 month old to see it as he adores the cinema. He loved it. He was not at all scared. I wonder if a child was a bit older whether the darkness (lots of it takes place at night) might make it a bit more sinister but think that unless a child is very sensitive it should be fine.

suzywong · 30/10/2005 13:38

yeah my 4 year old was scared at the Wallace transfromation scenes

and come to think of it ds2 has been obsessed with bunnies ever since we went to see it.

I thought it was rather padded-out actually, could have b een better as a 40 minute thing

I enjoyed the Madagascar Penguins short at the beginning, did the resto fo the world get that?

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