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Brighton Women’s Centre cancelled a stall celebrating Palestinian women for #IWD

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Fortitudinal · 09/03/2024 12:06

What the fuck? Brighton Women’s Centre and the Dome cancelled this stall at the last minute. How can they possibly justify this? It’s heartbreaking.

Brighton Women’s Centre is a captured male-including organisation now anyway. A long way from its fantastic beginnings as a truly feminist space.

Cynical, corporate-controlled bullshit.

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TodayIsNotMyDay · 09/03/2024 14:38

White / Imperial feminism strikes again.

The ”we stand for ALL women” has always been bullshit, but it has been a true mask off during this genocide.

WhereAreWeNow · 09/03/2024 17:41

What reason did they give? That seems really weird.

fakeprofile · 09/03/2024 17:42

What is going on in Brighton?? The blatant misogyny on display in recent years has been shocking

Fortitudinal · 09/03/2024 18:26

I know. I don’t know if they gave any reasoning at all. I suppose in a cowardly bid to avoid anything ‘controversial’ with regards to Israel/Gaza?

It’s fucked up.

OP posts:
TodayIsNotMyDay · 10/03/2024 12:59

It’s fucked up.

It truly is.
How can someone keep a straight face and claim to support women if they don’t support all women?
The women and girls are going through the worst anyone possibly could*.

I think this IWD has turned into Valentine’s Day #2, it’s mostly just another day to buy stuff and some chant about being strong woman, without any actual substance.

(*I do not mean to make this into a competition who has it worst)

ssd · 10/03/2024 13:09

That is really not on.

Gunnersforthecup · 11/03/2024 19:06

Well, I guess it would be balanced if it also commemorated all the Israeli women who were raped and murdered or taken hostage on October 7th?

Without the extraordinary events of October 7th, we wouldn't have the current situation in Gaza. It would seem that the (?men) running Hamas decided that it was a good ploy to sexually assault, rape and murder Israeli women and then use the inevitable response of the Israelis towards Gaza for their own political ends, never mind that this would involve the further deaths of Palestinian children and women, whom they could attempt to use as a human shield.

The whole situation is appalling; but this particular train of events was deliberately set in motion by Hamas, who wanted to derail attempts at making peace in the Middle East.

JanMarm · 11/03/2024 22:50

This proposal was a stall celebrating Palestinian women, not a Hamas stall. Solidarity with those women does not equal support for the Oct 7th attacks. It is shocking that the Women's Centre refuses to explain the reasons for the refusal.

Fortitudinal · 12/03/2024 00:00

I would hope there was also representation of Israeli women. As well as Palestinian women. As @JanMarm says to support Palestinian women is not to support hamas.

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