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Jack the Ripper: 5 victims

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Inthefirepit · 14/07/2022 16:12

Did anybody catch it on channel 5?

It was a really telling and sensitive way of showing us every one of the victims and showing us how trivialised/sensationalised violence against women has been viewed for centuries in the press- now i understand the irony in that as it was still a tv show about 5 women being brutally murdered but it delved much deeper into the women’s stories/lives and showing they was (obviously) so much more than 5 prostitutes murders in the alleyways by a dark and mysterious figure that we’ve been led to believe.

It even debunked that 4 out of 5 of the victims never actually worked as sex workers but that it was made up by the media to sensationalise the ‘story’ even more.

Its presented by a brilliant historian, forensic psychologist (both very strong and intelligent women) and an ex Scotland Yard officer. It really brought back how desensitised many are when it comes to women being attacked and how much focus there is on the attackers rather than the victims being people instead of fodder for the media and victim blame but came full circle in giving the women their chance to have their life told rather than just their brutal death. It was really interesting.

OP posts:
dollybird · 14/07/2022 16:13

Was that based on the book? If so, the book was brilliant, will see if I can watch on catch up

Puppylucky · 14/07/2022 16:14

I read the book that it sounds like this was based on and really enjoyed it. As you say a real window into women's lives at that time and very sad.

stealtheatingtunnocks · 14/07/2022 16:15

I hope Linda Riley watches it and feels ashamed of the way she exploited those poor women.

DialSquare · 14/07/2022 16:17

I listened to The 5 by Hallie Rubenhold on audible and thought it was brilliant. Like PP, I wonder if this was based on the book.

Discovereads · 14/07/2022 16:18

I also recently read a book on the victims of Jack the Ripper. It also covered the letters he sent the police and current theories on who he might have been. It was very illuminating. Have to recall the absolute squalor and desperation of the working poor in London at the time. They led such difficult lives.

Inthefirepit · 14/07/2022 17:03

Oh I’ve never read the book, will definitely give it a try! Thank you for mentioning

OP posts:
BohoInAcapulco · 14/07/2022 17:19

The Five is a brilliant book. The social history of the era laced with the victims’ backstories is fascinating

LondonWolf · 14/07/2022 17:46

There's some controversy around this programme, with the author of the actually book claiming that her Intellectual Property has been used without her consent.

The book was absolutely brilliant and I cried my eyes out at it.

Inthefirepit · 14/07/2022 18:42

@LondonWolf thats such a shame the author pulled out, it’s obviously created some tension there but I have to disagree with her point that the presenters just found out that 5 prostitutes were murdered and that was that, as they debunked a lot of media created myths around it and actually didn’t talk a whole lot about the murders themselves which is why I thought it was so sensitive and eye opening.

The author has obviously come from her angle with empathy and been burnt by the show personally but I do think the show was focussed on empathy not just to the victims but to women as a whole from that period in time, I learnt a lot.

OP posts:
WishILivedInThrushGreen · 14/07/2022 22:26

If this annoyed you... look at the Yorkshire Ripper murders... so much misogyny.

LucyLocketLostThePlot · 15/07/2022 18:15
GCMM · 16/07/2022 17:57

Hallie Rubenhold's book is fantastic. It's nothing about the murderer, all about the women and their lives. I highly recommend it.

ilovesushi · 17/07/2022 11:26

The book was amazing. So well researched and so fascinating. It is gob smacking that no one thought to wonder about these women as anything more than murder victims before now.

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