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Politicians quitting over assaults against men

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StarlingsInTheRoof · 07/07/2022 10:42

Anyone else feeling a bit meh that Boris is finally going because one of his party sexually assaulted men? Politicians have been raping, assaulting and coercing plenty of women and one has recently been convicted of sexually assaulting a 15 year old child. Also watching porn in the house of commons while in session. None of that has prompted anyone else to quit and even guilty parties have often continued working there.

This article lists recent assaults by politicians, not limited to any one party.
Guardian article

OP posts:
AgentProvocateur · 07/07/2022 10:54

That’s not why they’ve quit. They’ve quit because they were assured that BJ didn’t know if any previous incidents, and they were a wheeled out in the media to say this. Then it transpired he did know, so they’d been made to look like lying arses.

The whole system is corrupt.

minou123 · 07/07/2022 11:07

I agree with AgentProvocateur

That's the crazy thing, Boris isn't going because someone in his party sexually assaulted men.
MPs have quit because they cant spin Boris Johnson lie that he didn't know or he forgot.

I agree they don't give a shiney shite about violence and sexyal violence against women and girls. But they also don't really care about the male victims either.

CousinKrispy · 08/07/2022 16:15

I agree that Boris/the party probably don't care any more about male victims of sexual assault than female victims. It was the lying and covering up rather than the assaults themselves.

But it does feel a bit galling that they've been brought down by a scandal that is centered around sexual assault of men, when there have been SO MANY female victims, and plenty of other bald-faced lies from Boris and others.

Pincher should be held to account for his behaviour, as should Boris for shrugging it off/covering it up. I'm all in favour of that. But, yeah, I did have a little feeling of "What are we, chopped liver?!" about it. But that also applies to numerous other scandals and wrongdoings which should have brought him down long ago!

EltonsSpareGlasses · 08/07/2022 16:18

But that also applies to numerous other scandals and wrongdoings which should have brought him down long ago!

Well yes.

Same for all parties. SNP are currently embroiled in one themselves.

Triffid1 · 11/07/2022 12:03

Yup, totally agree. I mean, of course it's about the endless lying etc, but it does make me roll my eyes that the straw that broke the camel's back was that he was lying about what he knew about a man who assaults other men. I just can't help wondering whether if it had been women that were being assaulted, whether we might have had to wait a bit longer until he was finally tossed out.

I am 100% sure it's not deliberate or conscious. But it jars.

howdoesatoastermaketoast · 11/07/2022 14:16

There had been so many things that I thought he couldn't possibly survive I'd started to wonder what the red line was ? What could he possibly do that would cross the 'up with this we will not put?' line...

Now I just feel like I should've known really.

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