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The final straw for Sajid and Rishi... a man harassing other men

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Triffid1 · 06/07/2022 10:03

This is a bit cynical and even my radical version of feminism doesn't really think this but I have to admit to rolling my eyes a bit cynically when Sajid and Rishi resign with the final straw being a man who gropes other men and BJ knew and didn't care.

It's like, "party on while the rest of the country can't so much as see a dying family member or comfort a sick child" - that's not ideal, but he "thought he was obeying the rules" and "lessons learned" blah blah.

Or multiple Tory MPs can be found to be watching porn/harassing women/ committing sexual crimes.....and that's all fine.

But a man groping other men!? "God, no, who will protect the innocent men who are being groped by a powerful MP!?" ++

++ To be clear, I think the behaviour is abhorrent and I absolutely support his victims, notwithstanding the sarcastic tone of this post.

OP posts:
ChicCroissant · 06/07/2022 10:22

It's not about the man's actions, it's about Johnson lying again saying he didn't know when he did.

Having said that, everyone knew about it apparently and stopped Johnson making him Chief Whip! So why Johnson lying about it now is an issue when it wasn't before and the details haven't changed is my concern. Didn't stop Javid and Sunak being happy in their jobs before it hit the headlines ... I don't see their resignations as a display of their high principles or concern for the victims of this man's actions by any means. It's just selfish political posturing, unfortunately.

SerendipityJane · 06/07/2022 10:27

It had fuck all to do with men-groping.

What ignited yesterdays bonfire of the vanities was the fact that after days of senior Tories all queuing up and fighting each other to tell the press "the truth" about Boris and Pincher, the blowjob went on TV and made them all look like the toadying wankers they are.

Quite a few MPs will have had to face very uncomfortable exchanges with the Boris-sceptic elements of their own constituencies and it dawned on them that Boris had hung them out to dry.


You really think when the economy has collapsed Boris is going to do anything other than blame Sunak ?

Also these resignations are about optics. You can't run for leader in the cabinet.

MrsTerryPratchett · 06/07/2022 14:53

I agree that it looks that way. I'd say they just saw the way the wind was blowing.

continueorterminate · 06/07/2022 15:01

I just said the same. I know its not about the groping, it's the lying about the knowledge of it, but I do wonder if all this would have blown up if it was based on a woman being groped. I mean 3 female mps were recently talking about being groped including by boris' dad and none of them batted an eyelid. This is definitely the appropriate reaction to sexual harassment either way

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