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Feminism: chat


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FireGivesWarmth · 02/07/2022 11:13

Is there a bank that hasn't jumped on the gender bandwagon? Been with the Halifax for a long time , and they've just invited me to close my account if I don't like their pronoun badge nonsense. Ta.

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sslz82pe · 02/07/2022 11:59

Haha picturing Halifax as a person flouncing off 'well, if you don't like it, you know what you can do', pointing at the door with pursed lips.

They're nuts!

ResentfulLemon · 02/07/2022 12:13

Halifax are part of Lloyd's Banking group so that immediately rules them and Bank of Scotland out. Not sure where other banks stand on the TRA train sorry.

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 02/07/2022 12:26

I'm no fan of the pronoun trend but Halifax haven't enforced it on anyone, they have offered their staff the option of badges with pronouns if they want to wear them. If they had said everyone needs to wear a pronoun badge then I'd refuse to bank with them too, just not sure this is a reason to leave them if you've been otherwise happy with the service they've provided.

wonderstuff · 02/07/2022 12:29

I left Halifax years ago because their customer service was rubbish. I’m now with Nationwide, not a bank so feel it’s more ethical, excellent service been really happy with them.

Also have a Starling account, and again no complaints there either. Starling don’t charge transaction fees on foreign currency transactions.

MisguidedSheep · 02/07/2022 12:49

HSBC allows staff to display pronouns if they wish. Don't know if that applies to other banks like First Direct in it's banking group.

Nationwide encourage pronoun usage

Starling Bank do too

None of them seem to have taken the hardline that Halifax's customer service advisor did and tell people who disagree they were free ti close their accounts.

Shehasadiamondinthesky · 02/07/2022 19:21

I'm with Halifax and I'm moving all of my accounts. Ive been a customer for 40 years, but if they want me to fuck off if I don't agree with their "core values" then fuck off I most certainly will.
I wonder if they can afford to lose all the customers who are leaving them. Wankers. I'm too angry to discuss this any more.
The halifax spokesperson who said we can leave sounded like some knob head on facebook telling everyone who doesn't agree with him to take themselves off his page rather than a professional organisation.

Metabigot · 02/07/2022 19:42

I do wonder if 'Andy M' the halifax PR person (would have said man in the olden days) will be called into some sort of 'performance review' next week.

I think he/she/it overstepped the mark and went outside the boundaries of their role. But, in a PR role as the face of the Bank they should know not to do this.

Anyway I'm grateful to them for providing an opportunity for ordinary people to say look the emporer has no clothes and get the publicity. Hopefully other companies will now steer of making pronoun virtue signalling announcements

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