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Suggest some campaigns and causes for my employer to support

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MagpiePi · 28/06/2022 10:49

My large, multinational employer is full-on in its support of pride, with the rainbow logo, and, paying travel costs for employees to attend the London pride event under a company banner.

I emailed the head of HR and asked if they would consider giving this level of support to any other causes or campaigns, and, he has replied and asked if I had any ideas, so, any ideas that support and promote women?

They don't have to be actual physical festivals, and I think they can't be overtly political. I would have said Race for Life but that is a free for all now and not a women's event.

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howdoesatoastermaketoast · 02/08/2022 21:38

Good luck -
Girls not brides, orchid project (anti female genital mutilation),Malala fund (pro education for girls), bloody good period, Women's Aid, Refuge (who run the nation domestic abuse hotline), Justice for women.

Iknowitisheresomewhere · 06/08/2022 07:20

How about ‘Make Space for Girls’?

MargaritaPie · 06/08/2022 13:45


Ramblingnamechanger · 07/08/2022 11:50

All of toasts suggestions plus the Maggie Oliver Foundation, men are involved but they do good advocacy from the girls and women groomed and abused in many cities.

slug · 12/08/2022 15:50

The Abortion Support Network. They provide funds and support for women to access abortions in the UK. The main area used to be Ireland but increasingly women from Poland and Malta are using the service. In the post Roe V Wade decision in the USA it's a trendy cause.

Scope or other disability charities? This will affect a larger proportion of their workforce than most. There is even a disability awareness month that gets ignored in favour of the far more trendy Pride month.

The other one that has a lot of traction at the moment is food and fuel poverty. Supporting a local food bank or breakfast club might be worth exploring

category12 · 12/08/2022 19:00

Toilet twinning. Link to site

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