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Feminism: chat

Start them young

2 replies

savehannah · 21/06/2022 14:38

I teach extracurricular classes for primary kids and sometimes wear a "Feminist" pin badge. I've twice had young girls ask me what it means, to which I replied "it means I believe girls and women are just as important as boys and men." One of them said "duh" in a way that meant "well obviously they are." The one who asked me today said, "Oh I'm a feminist too" and then several of her female classmates agreed that they were too. 💪💪💪

OP posts:

NumberTheory · 21/06/2022 15:42


KittenKong · 23/06/2022 17:44

I have my violet, green and white beaded lanyard and always get asked where u got it from (eBay). I also have some badges that are pretty but have a message (mostly dragons and women in armour).

an antidote to all the rainbows.

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