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What is a Woman - the documentary

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StrawberryFizz27 · 14/06/2022 23:20

I haven't researched Matt Walsh a great deal, and a lot of his views do not align with mine, but fuck me, I'm so glad he's done this documentary.

I've just watched it with DP and I'm speechless at how many people, can't say what a woman is. Why did we fight for the vote, why did we fight for equal pay to be undefinable?

My definition of a woman, along with the actual definition, is someone who knows what a period feels like. The pain is like no other!!!

Has anyone else watched it?

OP posts:
Charlize43 · 17/06/2022 21:17

Sounds interesting. Just found it on Youtube.

kieronsmum · 24/06/2022 00:28

yeah it looks very good I think this film will go down in history The visit to Africa is very interesting also

Mif4 · 24/06/2022 10:39

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

catandcoffee · 24/06/2022 11:26

Have you got a link for YouTube please

Igmum · 24/06/2022 11:40

I tried to watch this a while back but couldn't find a free link and didn't fancy paying. Is it worth coughing up $11 or so?

AyeUpMeDuck · 24/06/2022 17:14

I watched it.
The people he interviewed were mostly so sanctimonious.and so drink on the cool aid it beggared belief.
Especially.the 'Professor' person with the glasses who had issue with the word Truth.
I often feel like people in the TV need a slap with a wet fish, he needed a slap with a wet octopus..

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