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Feminism: chat

Clipped Wings Radio 4

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ClaudiusTheGod · 06/06/2022 20:38

Did anyone hear this tonight? 8-8.30pm. Programme about the experiences of women who spend a lot of time outside for hobbies - birdwatching, camping, mountain walking etc - and the steps they feel they need to take to keep themselves safe from the unwanted attentions of men. None of it was surprising but it was all infuriating. I am so angry.

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ClaudiusTheGod · 07/06/2022 21:01

Bumping this. It can be found on BBC iplayer. These women had been flashed at, spoken to in a suggestive manner, and were acutely aware, and resentful of, the need to take some kind of precautions to try to ensure their own safety while doing the kind of outdoor pursuits that men simply take for granted. Imagine climbing up a mountain with the intention of pitching tote tent there and staying overnight only to find a perv up there who thinks you’re asking for it.

Men own the world and the spaces in it.

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DeaconBoo · 07/06/2022 23:19

Just seen there's another thread here:

Haven't listened yet but it sounds interesting!

ThinkingaboutLangClegosaurus · 10/06/2022 11:16

I used to travel a lot and work abroad when I was younger. This reminds me of men I knew enthusing about the kindness they had encountered, in countries where I had been followed, harassed, intimidated, molested and occasionally attacked. I thought I was as polite, culturally sensitive and friendly as they were, so why did I deserve such a different response?

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