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Feminism: chat

Podcast recommendations

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TopKnotch · 17/05/2022 20:34

Has anyone got any good feminist podcasts?

I've recently really enjoyed Lucy Worsley's Lady Killers on BBC Sounds. Lots of discussion of how women were treated and how their crimes came about, were recorded and punished, and how they were convicted or let off based on social thinking.

I have also started listening to 28 ish Days Later with India Rakusen and am finding it really, really interesting so far. Lots of very well researched information, interviews with experts and so many side discussions relevant to feminism.

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Skinterior · 17/05/2022 21:24

If you can deal with libertarian Americans Feminine Chaos is good. It's a bit Hmm sometimes but def gives insight into what on earth they're thinking in that camp.


TopKnotch · 17/05/2022 21:39

I'll wait until I'm feeling brave maybe!

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Schnoobly · 17/05/2022 22:23

Not technically a feminist podcast, but Conversations with Nova Reid is excellent and gives enormous insight into the lived experience of Black women in the UK.

This episode is really strong.


TopKnotch · 17/05/2022 22:43

Looks good thank you.

I guess you could argue my suggestions aren't feminist as such but they're hugely feminist-thought provoking

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Schnoobly · 17/05/2022 23:03

Feminist-thought provoking is a great way to look at it. I’ve been listening to some on money and money mindset that have really got me thinking about the socialisation of women and how that affects our relationships with money.

Not my favourite podcast, but some thought provoking episodes, like this one


TopKnotch · 17/05/2022 23:14

Thank you! Great to have some new stuff in the mix

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TheWeeDonkey · 18/05/2022 12:25

I like The New Feminist she has some very good interviews. Standard Issue is good too, its a bit like a sweary woman's hour! Lots of interesting topics.


TopKnotch · 19/05/2022 11:24

That sounds good!

What I really want is this page reading out to me I think!

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