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Good book on changing bodies and puberty for my DC

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MumstedInadequate · 14/05/2022 11:35

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good book on puberty for my daughter now but my son in the future? I'd like a book which covers both as I'm sure they will each be curious about the other sex's changes too.

I've posted in feminism as I'm concerned a lot of the current books may be more gender identity centric than I'd necessarily want them to read, but equally I worry the old fashioned ones will be very sexist.

Tldr: what is a good, busy positive, feminist leaning book about changing bodies, puberty, sex, for a 9-12 yr old age group?

OP posts:

Leafstamp · 14/05/2022 17:57

I’d recommend My Period by Milli Hill, though appreciate you wanted something for both sexes


MumstedInadequate · 15/05/2022 22:45

Thanks for the suggestion leaf.

I'm really interested in my own reaction reading the blurb and the reviews. They feel way too much and not very me, but I think this must be my own internalised unease making me feel like this.

I recently heard a friend telling of a 12 year old girl being really at ease with her period snd not shying away from mentioning it when she went to change her pad at a family bbq. Maybe she'd read the book and doesn't feel ashamed?!

I might see if the library has this and dip my toe in before buying...

Any other suggestions about good books for girls, or ideally both sexes, please send them this way. DD8 isn't developing yet but she's not a small waiflike 8 yr old and it's clearly a matter of time

OP posts:

Strictlydusting · 18/05/2022 06:43

i bought the usbourne books what’s happening to me for my DD and DS. I liked the fact that they were easy to read and although they are branded as boy or girl books they have a section on the opposite sex as well. My two did actually read them and did have some questions


Twizbe · 18/05/2022 06:58

My mum gave me an usbourne book. I think they are quite factual.

I also recommend the period repair manual for you. Lots of good information in there about early hormone health


Discontentedpony · 13/07/2022 22:26

I've got the Claire Raynor body book which talks about everything from pooing and burping to sex. It touches on puberty and changing bodies but doesn't go into a huge amount of detail. My 7 yr olds like it though and I'd recommend it if you can get a copy.

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