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Feminism: chat

Elections…spoil vote, vote, not vote

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Rosiesmydog · 28/04/2022 09:56

Just out of interest, given the Respect My Sex movement…what are we doing if we disagree with our political parties view on women?
Myself, I intend to spoil my vote and write Respect my sex if you want my X. I’m really torn about doing this given the struggles women had to gain voting rights, but I refuse to allow politics to ride roughshod over our hard earned rights and safe places.

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PandemelonFelon · 28/04/2022 10:02

I don't understand why you would - if you don't want your vote to count, don't vote. I doubt anyone senior enough is going to read through all the polling cards that have reasoning on them for why people didn't vote - you should have (and hopefully have) been raising that reasoning for a like time by now.

I actually just looked and we have a WEP member in our area so I will be voting for her - and actually doing it with sincerity.


Rosiesmydog · 28/04/2022 10:02

Whoops…sorry, just seen there is already a thread on this….obvs had a manlook thru the topics!

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