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Feminism: chat

Drawing you attention to

3 replies

newrubylane · 25/04/2022 11:12

... this charming video doing the rounds on social media at the moment.

Apparently it's hilarious that this poor woman is clearly terrified. Or maybe she's being racist (even though no one actually seems to know of what race the person filming is). There are some great comments defending the woman, but many more defending the man.

OP posts:

SamphirethePogoingStickerist · 25/04/2022 16:45

Some of the more recent comments - like he was jogging, what's the problem? - from women!!!!

Jogging with his phone recording a woman running away from him?

I don't care what the colour of her skin, his skin, the driver in the nearest car. Men like this will never get it. THEY ARE FUCKING IDIOTS and they SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF SOME WOMEN.

I mean HE isn't scared, is he? No! He is chasing her, filming her run away. No matter what started this he is deliberately scaring her, for laughs!



UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 25/04/2022 16:49

Sick humour


stimpyyouidiot · 25/04/2022 16:52

Awful. Glad the comments were on the money.

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