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Black American women's voices ignored by media

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Every5hoursUSblackfemicide · 16/04/2022 16:33

I saw an interesting video of a Black woman who has a different perspective than mainstream media when it comes to police and the Black community.
I don't have a lot of time to respond to comments but I thought I would upload this since it's rare to hear Black women's opinions on the issue except when it's being censored in media.
A lot of Black American women never have their stories told of the abuse they go through with their own men, or how vulnerable they and their children are in poor, high crime areas where many of them live.

Not all Black women want this talked about, and not all of them would agree with this woman. But many do share her opinion and they should be heard as well.

Basically, the news talks a lot about police brutality against Black people, mostly men, but many Black women in the U.S. are more afraid of what will happen without police around.
They are dying at the hands of their own men more than the police are killing any of them. They fear what would happen if police were actually abolished and the men of their communities are able to behave however they please without fear of repercussions.

OP posts:
ChocoLiebniz · 16/04/2022 16:42

Are you a black woman?

TottersBlankly · 16/04/2022 17:16

In general I would say this sort of conversation proceeds better from the first person plural, rather than the third person plural …

MangyInseam · 17/04/2022 02:33

I think what you're talking about here is really part of a larger tendency in the US for the large progressive media, and also political figures, to treat identity groups as if they have one voice.

Really for identity politics to work, that has to be true. You can't have a bunch of conservative black Americans who have a totally different perspective on issues like violence, how could anyone then claim that not taking the black or Hispanic or queer or indigenous POV is a sign of racism or lack of empathy?

You can find a few people who will talk about the fact that in poor communities with crime and drug problems, this idea of reducing or pulling back police services is not at all popular. They will also tend to say that the BLM narrative around violence is simplistic and so can't address the real issues, and ends up with these outbreaks of violence in what are often predominantly black communities.

In terms of black women talking about this I am pretty sure I've heard Condoleeza Rice, as well for men you have people on the right like Glen Loury, or on the left Adolph Reed.

But the progressive media is very uncomfortable with them overall.

PonyPatter44 · 17/04/2022 07:14


Are you a black woman?

Is that really all you took from the OP?
Every5hoursUSblackfemicide · 17/04/2022 21:36

There's nothing progressive about treating Black men like their lives are more important than Black women's. It's great that police brutality and racial profiling of Black men is being addressed, as well as the widespread corruption of police and the justice system in the U.S., but domestic violence shouldn't be ignored, or lied about, to protect men before their female counterparts.

As a feminist I support women of all races standing up to the sexism and DV in their communities. Not everyone has to, I guess.

OP posts:
Needmoresleep · 20/04/2022 18:48

The website Lipstick Alley, aimed at black American women, is great. I lurk as I am not part of the demographic but reading posts from articulate opinionated women was my lockdown pleasure.

And no these views do not feature in the NYT. But hey, our views do not feature in the Guardian. Women have more in common than they are different. Including being ignored by men and male dominated media. Women, when given a space, are good company with interesting intelligent views.

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