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Met counter-terrorism officer guilty of attempting to meet 13-year-old for sex

8 replies

ScreamingMeMe · 14/04/2022 17:31

OP posts:

UsernameNotAvailableHmm · 14/04/2022 18:10

Disgusting man
The Met again
Very worrying
Can't trust the Met Police


Pinklimey · 14/04/2022 18:35

Is there room in the inn for him?


isthatanotherbastardgrey · 14/04/2022 21:59

Don't kid yourself it's just the Met.

Humberside ignored one of their own being found with child porn on his machine, but didn't take action - he's now doing time for hands on abuse.

It's everywhere.


BorisBooster · 17/04/2022 08:52

It's not just the Met. Other police forces too .. oh don't forget the teachers who do this and have relationships with pupils. And medical professionals who abuse .... oh and sports coaches.

Remember that this offender was caught by the police in a sting operation.

The good outweigh the bad.


BorisBooster · 17/04/2022 10:44

Oooh don't forget the MPs.


ScreamingMeMe · 17/04/2022 18:00

Yes I know it's not just The Met. But an awful lot of times, it's The Met.

OP posts:

bagsforlife20 · 17/04/2022 18:03


Yes I know it's not just The Met. But an awful lot of times, it's The Met.

I do wonder what the investigating officer’s reaction was when they realised they’re looking for a serving police officer/colleague. Then again, they can’t be that surprised at this point as there’s been so many “bad apples”

SquirmOfEels · 17/04/2022 19:08

The Met has around 33k personel.

Next biggest force is all of Scotland at 17k, then West Midlands and Greater Manchester with 7k each.

It's not surprising we hear more about the Met.

Or perhaps having a recent Commissiooner who wasn't one of the lads (nor a mason) meant that progress was being made in rooting out the shite.

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