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Feminism: chat

13 yr old received an explicit photo

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JustPlainKnackered · 12/04/2022 13:08

It was sent by other 13 year olds ( boys from her class) and it was a photo of a man's anus. It was sent to my ds when she was trying to figure out who had sent her friend unprovoked WhatsApp abuse calling the friend a whore and a fat whale. The stupid boys didn't even hide the phone number they were sending the abuse from ( they're that cocky about getting it away with this misogynistic crap).
So I went onto the local police live chat to ascertain if this was, as I thought, a criminal offence ( sending explicit photo's to a minor). It is. Thing is, now they are obliged to investigate. I'm good with this but I have just had to explain to my 13 ds that allowing this kind of casual misogyny to go by unchallenged is tantamount to condoning it and the fact that they feel quite happy to send disgusting photo's like this around ( grim enough to be a criminal offence) shows you they have the potential to become the sexual assaulters of the future. WWYD?

OP posts:

MrMrsJones · 12/04/2022 13:13

I would have reported it to the police.

It needs stoping in its tracks right from childhood. Just disgusting that it is so normal


JustPlainKnackered · 12/04/2022 13:22

Glad you feel the same.

OP posts:

Ionlydomassiveones · 12/04/2022 13:27

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn at the poster's request.

LemonJuiceFromConcentrate · 12/04/2022 13:31

I’m so sorry your young sister (if I’m understanding what you mean by ds correctly?) has had to deal with this Angry Flowers

Given the boundary-pushing behaviour of some boys at my DD’s school (she is 12), I’ll be really interested in hearing what the outcome is.


MinoucheSapphic · 12/04/2022 13:36

I think you did the right thing, and I would do the same in the same situation.

Was it the infamous "Goatse" image? (Don't Google that if you don't know what it is - it's really disgusting.) When I read your story, that's what came to mind. I was a teen (10+ years ago), it was a popular internet "prank" to send it around to unsuspecting people.


JustPlainKnackered · 12/04/2022 13:40

Sorry everyone, I meant DD, not DS. It's my daughter.

OP posts:

JustPlainKnackered · 12/04/2022 13:42

The anus in question belongs to the 'mukbanger' nickocado avocado. He gorges on food for YouTube attention.

OP posts:

OrlandointheWilderness · 12/04/2022 13:43

ahh @MinoucheSapphic now I need to know what that is but daren't google!!


Iamnotamermaid · 12/04/2022 13:47

Without a doubt, reported to the police and then the school. This behaviour can only go one way..


JustPlainKnackered · 12/04/2022 13:51

I'll certainly come back and let you know what happens. I'm just so appalled that these boys get up one day and decide that they'll call some poor girl a fat whale and a whore for fun. It's so aggressive. These are wealthy, privileged kids and misogyny seems to be a big part of their repertoire.

OP posts:

Pinklimey · 12/04/2022 15:44

Sadly just shows whether you're rich or poor you are equally capable of being nasty. So sorry for your dd and I'm glad you've got her back. Goid luck.


Saltyquiche · 14/04/2022 19:59

Keep us updated op. I’d go to the police too


honeybushbunch · 14/04/2022 20:05

Yes definitely police. It’s not just a bit of fun - it’s serious harassment sending explicit photos to a minor, and they need a really sharp shock about it before they start doing something even worse.


honeybushbunch · 14/04/2022 20:11

Oh and you should definitely get the school involved - they need to know and will take it very seriously. It’s a big part of the Ofsted current remit to crack down on this kind of harassment, and if it’s being sent to girls on a school class group in particular or between kids who know each other through a school class, it’s also part of the school remit.

I’m afraid that I really do think that the book should be absolutely thrown at boys doing this. They could well be the sexual harassers and rapists of the near future, and they (and their parents) need to know it’s a criminal offence.


lapasion · 14/04/2022 20:55


ahh *@MinoucheSapphic* now I need to know what that is but daren't google!!

It’s a really old internet shock image. Basically an old guy bending over and stretching his anus open wide. To be honest, it’s probably not all that shocking by todays standards but it’s pretty gross.
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