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Feminism: chat

Helen Steel on Radio 4

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Signalbox · 10/04/2022 13:08

Talking about the Mclibel trial...

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LangClegsInSpace · 10/04/2022 19:46

Fab, thank you.

I remember following this at the time and I still have one of the 'what's wrong with McDonalds?' leaflets tucked away somewhere.

Helen Steel has a new book out, together with several other women who were victims of spycops:

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LangClegsInSpace · 10/04/2022 19:49

Not sure why MN doesn't like the link

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Just C&P it without the ']]' at the end and it should work

LangClegsInSpace · 10/04/2022 19:56

Helen Steel is why I have been SO disappointed by Starmer. When he became leader I naively thought it didn't matter too much if he didn't quite get it yet on women's rights, he could just have a chat with his old mate Helen and she'd put him right.

Oh well.

Here she is heckling him at the lgbt labour leadership hustings:

You can't see it on this video but the look on his face was priceless!
LangClegsInSpace · 10/04/2022 20:02

This is a brilliant interview, covering McLibel, SpyCops and the TRA harassment

Signalbox · 10/04/2022 20:10

Thanks for the links LangClegsinSpace.

Did you listen to the Alexei Sayle podcast? Also a very good interview.

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LangClegsInSpace · 10/04/2022 20:52

Thanks, I'll give it a listen.

She's an amazing woman isn't she? She's just quietly, repeatedly, determinedly refused to be shat on for over 3 decades.

Signalbox · 10/04/2022 21:55

She’s an inspiration! I wish I had just a fraction of her bravery. And she comes across as so nice too.

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